Safety Information

Important Safety Information

  1. Do not use the headphones/earphones while operating a motor vehicle or a bicycle. Doing so is dangerous and may violate laws and regulations.
  2. Long Term exposure to loud music may cause hearing damage. Avoid extreme volume when using headphones/earphones especially for extended period of time.
  3. Do not use headphones/earphones in the inability to hear outside sounds may present a danger to you or others.
  4. Do not drop, sit on, or allow the headphones/earphones to be immersed in water. Do not wear headphones/earphones in the rain.
  5. Do not wear the headphones/earphones if the in-ear cushions are not attached.
  6. Remove Earphones immediately if you are experiencing loss of hearing.
  7. Adult supervision is required for children age 6 and under.
  8. Do not make unauthorized alteration or customization to the earphones.