Be4 (Rose Gold)

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Starbrick introduces Be4, the newest type of Beryllium earphones. Be4 earphones have a unique design and give the listener the virtual experience of natural sounds. It lowers the distortion at the highest volume without sacrificing the lows, mids, and highs. The sounds are very warm and full.

Be4 earphones are made of Beryllium, a rare and expensive chemical element. Beryllium is stronger than steel, yet lighter than aluminum. It is also extremely delicate and requires special skills when used during manufacturing. For this reason, each Be4 earpiece is individually handcrafted and subjected to stringent testing. Because Be4 earphones are strong, rigid and very light, they offer an unmatched sensitivity and responsiveness to sound waves.

Be4 earphones provide a unique soundstage atmosphere. The earphones’ dynamic driver with Beryllium diaphragm have a wide frequency response. The clear soft smooth sound waves from the source to the listener’s inner ear. With dynamic sounds and dimensional depth, Be4 earphones produce unmatched musical clarity and unmatched sound quality. View the specifications.